Code of Conduct

The intention of this document is to establish clear and acceptable behavior expectations for American Dunes Golf Club members, guests and employees. It is not intended to restrict the rights of anyone but rather to ensure that all playing members, guests, and employees can expect to be treated with dignity and respect while playing, working or volunteering at American Dunes Golf Club.

Partners / Management

The Partners and the Management of the club may deal with matters pertaining to the conduct of the members, guests, shareholders, operations and employees.

Any member, family member or guest, whose conduct American Dunes Golf Club’s Management considers improper, offensive or likely to endanger the welfare, safety, harmony or good reputation of the Club may be reprimanded, suspended or expelled from the Club by the Management. The Club’s Management will be the sole judge of what constitutes improper conduct or conduct likely to endanger the health, safety, welfare, harmony or good reputation of the Club.

Management of American Dunes Golf Club may suspend or terminate a member or guest, if it is determined that the member or guest:

  1. Submitted false information on the application for membership.
  2. Exhibited unsatisfactory behavior, conduct or appearance.
  3. Failed to pay dues, fees or club accounts in a timely manner.
  4. Failed to abide by the rules & regulations, as set forth for the use of the Club’s facilities.
  5. Treated the Club’s personnel, employees or any of the Club’s partners or representative in an unacceptable or abusive manner.
  6. Failed to meet and maintain eligibility for membership pursuant to the application.
  7. Failed to respect the golf course by not repairing divots and or ball marks.
  8. Permitted use of their Club Account by an unauthorized person

All members and guests will NOT:

  • Conduct themselves in a un-sportsmanlike manner and knowingly cheat, throw clubs, disrespect volunteers, officials or fellow competitors
  • Disregard the proper dress code or golf etiquette (eg. hitting into the group in front of you for slow play)
  • Use or have an association with illegal drugs anywhere on the Club premises
  • Physically threaten, slander or verbally abuse others
  • Have cell phones switched on disrupting play
  • Ignore any rules prescribed annually by the Partners/Management

Should you be involved in or should you observe any breaches of the above, the following procedure will/should be followed:

  • Fill out an incident report form – available at front desk area
  • The General Manager will contact the involved Member(s) and or Guest (s) for review
  • A member or guest will be notified of any disciplinary action and given an opportunity to show cause why the Club Management should not discipline the member according to these rules. If the member or guest desires a hearing a written request for a hearing must be submit to the General Manager within five (5) days after receipt of the Club’s notice to them. Upon receiving a written request for a hearing, the Club will set the time and date within five (5) days of the request.
  • While the Club considers the complaint, the member will enjoy all membership privileges to which it is entitled prior to the complaint.
  • Notwithstanding suspension or termination of membership, the member will remain liable for any accounts unpaid or due American Dunes Golf Club. Such member will not be entitled to a refund of any part of the dues and fees paid by the member to the Club.